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About Best Bequest

LegacyVault® = Digital Safety Deposit Box™

A LegacyVault is a Digital Safety Deposit Box where you can safely and privately store your personal collection of important documents, pictures, and videos.

Now, for the first time with BestBequest® you can keep your LegacyVault online where it is accessible 24/7, private and safe from man-made and natural disasters. You can comfortably enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your information is private and will be delivered to the people you have designated at the right time and not before.



We work all our lives to protect and provide for our loved ones, but what happens after you become incapacitated or pass away? Your family will need your help and guidance more than ever.

BestBequest’s LegacyVault was designed to "Encourage Families to Prepare™” for the future. From the privacy and convenience of your home you can organize and record your wishes, preferences, and information that will guide your family when they will need it the most.



Three simple steps:

  1. You begin with our unique "Interview" that helps you organize and record your affairs. Our system lets you edit your information as often as you wish, 24/7, from any Internet connection in the world. Leave detailed notes, copies of important documents and videos of guidance.
  2. With our patent pending Activation System you can choose how and when your information will be released.
  3. Select who gets your reports after you pass or become incapacitated.



In order to protect your information BestBequest.com uses the most advanced encryption methods and technologies available. We use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which is the same encryption technology used by the U.S. government. We also use other security measures that we do not disclose.

In addition, we also use various third party service providers to test the security of our system on a regular basis. Your security – and your trust - is our utmost concern.



BestBequest.com is not in the business of selling any client information. Our business is based on one very basic principle:

“All of our clients information is theirs and private”.

This is the cornerstone of our business and one of the main reasons for our success. We do not claim any ownership or license to any of your information or media as some other sites do. We do not sell, rent, lease, give, or share any information whatsoever. This includes your email address.

Our systems were designed to ensure your privacy, security and confidentiality. Even our staff cannot see any client data files.