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Our Promise

The primary goal of our business model is to develop a lasting trust with our clients and their families. To achieve this goal we promise to respect and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of every one of our clients.

BestBequest.com recognizes and affirms that any and all content uploaded to our website by "the client" remains the sole property of that client. BestBequest.com makes no claim, and does not ask for any license concerning any client content in any way whatsoever.

Furthermore, all client content is encrypted and cannot be unencrypted or read by BestBequest.com personnel.

BestBequest promises to operate under the following guidelines:

·        We will never ask for your password, security key, SSN#, or account numbers.

·        Your privacy, confidentiality and security are our top priority.

·        We do not sell any information whatsoever. We believe that your information is not a commodity.

·        We do not install any tracking cookies on to your computer.

·        No one is given access to our program or client information.